CRMUG UK London – July 2018

Event: CRMUG UK London – July 2018
Outline: Education and networking event for Microsoft Dynamics 365 users and community. Get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Date: Wednesday, 4 July 2018
Location: Microsoft UK Paddington Office
2 Kingdom Street
London, W2 6BD
Enrolment : Closed
QGate’s Sessions:
  • What is a Lead, and What is Lead management in Dynamics 365?
  • Demystifying Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

The next D365UG / CRMUG  UK meeting will take place in London at Microsoft’s offices in Paddington.  If you are a user of Microsoft Dynamic 365, this event is ideal for you!

The agenda starts at 9:30, but please arrive earlier to register (registration desk is busy at times). The event finishes at 5 pm.


This event has three tracks for most of the day so that you can find a session that fits your interests and expectations. The topics range from technical content to best practices:

  • Connected Field Service and Proactive Customer Engagement with Bots – Kyle Hill
  • Data 8 Customer Showcase
  • D365 Five Pillars of Success Series: the Importance of Change Management on Adoption – Tim Mazdon & Andrew Bibby
  • Fostering Team Excellence Whatever Your Role – Emily Anderson
  • Demystifying CTI with QGate
  • The importance of Brand Perception – Chris Huntingford
  • A Journey through the ages of Dynamics – A Customer Showcase – Legal Ombudsman – Sophie Loor
  • What is a Lead, and What is Lead management in D365? – Rowland Dexter
  • Go with the Flow with Dynamics 365 – Peter Baddeley

QGate’s sessions

We are proud to join CRMUG UK again and we are presenting two sessions this time:

  • Demystifying CTI:  We simplify concepts and bust myths that are often associated with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), as well as explaining some of the general terminology and components.
  • What is a Lead, and What is Lead management in Dynamics 365?:  In this roundtable session, we will challenge you, and ourselves, to re-think the concept of a “Lead” and how we manage Leads.

And more…

Ask the Experts is an essential and popular CRMUG session, where a panel of experienced Dynamics 365 professionals are available to answer your questions and help in any way they can.

Networking with like-minded professionals is as important as the learning you get from these meetings.

Whether you are a technical expert keen on sharing best practices, or a business user wanting to learn more about a particular feature, this event is for you!

See you there!

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