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eXtremeCRM – Barcelona February 2014

So this was the 4th European event.  eXtremeCRM is an event specifically for partners involved with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with 400 plus delegates attending the 3 day event this time.

Because of its focus both in terms of audience and content is surely is the most important event for any partner working with Dynamics CRM.  However there was only a few UK partners in attendance beside QGate, well their loss.  As usual the event saw LOTS of sessions, well  over 100, some from Microsoft, a lot from other Partners, MVPs etc.  This time the range of subject areas had been extended to include not just the technical , road maps etc but sales and pre-sales.  The most frustrating thing was to consider which session to go to at any one time, the options were brilliant.

It is fair to say a few of the session could have been better and I wish that some of the presenters stuck closer to the stated description of the session – although this is a comment that can equally be leveled at previous  Convergence events, perhaps more so.  I hope this improves with the forthcoming Atlanta convergence.   When you are trying to choose a session from 3 or 4 that you might want to look at, the description is important, at least with eXtremeCRM you don’t need to walk miles if you decide you want to change session part way through one.

However, that said there were a lot of cracking sessions which the QGate team were really pleased to have attended, I was impressed with the sessions around Marketing Pilot, now to be known as Microsoft Marketing, thanks to  Marco Amoedo from Microsoft for these.  It was also very useful to get an idea of where the Dynamics team is taking whole social thing and CRM.

Obviously a big part of the event is the whole community coming together.  Being a smaller event and more focused event than Convergence it does mean a better chance to strike up conversations pretty quickly around all things CRM.  The next eXtremCRM will be in the US around October time, QGate has already committed to be there, looking forward to It already.

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