How-To use the intelli-CAT test harness for intelli-CTi

How-To to use the intelli-CAT Test Harness

intelli-CAT is a test harness with which you can monitor the behaviour and performance of intelli-CTi on your workstation and with your telephone system.

Note – intelli-CAT results are best used as a supplement to the logging QGate enable within intelli-CTi. This can be enabled during configuration on the Telephony Events tab by ticking the Enable Telephone Logging checkbox and specifying a file name and path for the log you wish to create. This logging is of the TAPI telephone system itself. In other words, it is the data stream as it is before it passes through QGate’s intelli-CTi API.

To run intelli-CAT:

  1. Navigate to C:Program FilesQGate Softwareintelli-CTi on your workstation and double-click intelliTest. You will see the screen below, the intelli-CAT application.You do not need to be running intelli-CTi beforehand because you can start it from within intelli-CAT.intelli-CAT test harness
  2. Simulate an outbound call by clicking Dial.
    In the Make Call dialog, the Call Info fields can be edited to determine what you display in the QGate Softphone when you simulate the call.
  3. Enter a number you would like to dial in the CLI field and click Dial.The consequent actions which take place in the phone system will be displayed in intelli-CAT.
  4. Copy and paste the log into Word or Outlook to send them to your support provider. These formats will retain the appearance of the intelli-CAT log.In the Call Control panel, you can replicate actions that may take place in the phone call.In the CTI Control panel, you can start and stop intelli-CTi and display or hide the QGate Softphone.In the Agent Status panel, you can use the Set Agent Status pick list to determine the status of the agent who would answer a phone call from intelli-CAT.In the Miscellaneous panel you can preset call attributes to monitor specific characteristics of a given call.

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See the intelli-CTi Help Center User Guidelines for important considerations of use.