intelli-CTi and Skype for Business

Summary: intelli-CTi and Skype for Business:  How to install and configure intelli-CTi and Skype for Business. Skype for Business client is required when using intelli-CTi with Skype for Business.
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STEP 1 – Install & Configure intelli-CTi

  1. Install QGate intelli-CTi Client, using our standard product installer
    • Please contact QGate if you do not have the installation package
    • Please ensure you have met all the pre-requisites prior to installation
  2. Open “intelli-CTi” settings from Control Panel
    • Click [Configure intelli-CTi Connections…]
    • Click [Add]
    • Choose the “intelli-CTi Skype for Business Client” from the list
    • You should not need to configure this further, so click [OK] and then [Close]
  3. You should now be all installed and configured.

Using intelli-CTi with Skype for Business (every time)

In order to ensure successful integration, please ensure you start applications in the following order:

  1. Skype for Business
  2. intelli-CTi (Breeze)

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See the intelli-CTi Help Center User Guidelines for important considerations of use.