PRESS RELEASE: intelli-CTi for Dynamics 365 V4.2

intelli-CTi for Dynamics 365’s new version, the 4.2 release, is now available for purchase or free upgrade!


New Modernized User Interface

Our product roadmap item coincided with Microsoft’s Unified Interface updates, so we ensured that our new design had good synergy with the updated look and feel of Dynamics 365. With muted colours, flatter icons and clean navigation, intelli-CTi feels even more like an extension of Dynamics 365.

intelli-CTi for Dynamics 365 version 4.2

Call Dispositions (Outcomes)

We’ve added this brand-new feature to the call wrapup screen. Call Disposition responses can be used to quickly select the generic outcome of the call, such as whether a voicemail was left, or whether a sale was closed. The values can be easily customized with no code to suit your business and resonate with your users. The responses are recorded in the call history log along with other call details.

intelli-CTi for Dynamics 365 version 4.2


You can now call out directly from Dynamics 365, with our new click-to-dial/Hyper dial feature. With the new Unified Interface, you can call using the highlighted phone number or the phone icon to the right-hand side.

Interactive Help & Tutorials

We’re excited to announce the inclusion of our interactive help guides powered by the popular eLearning platform, ClickLearn. These guides have been designed to make it easy to follow step by step instructions or a video to install, configure and use intelli-CTi. The guides can be customized to fit with your specific implementation of Dynamics 365 and intelli-CTi.

intelli-CTi for Dynamics 365 version 4.2

Power BI Template App

View multi-user information at a glance, including number of calls, duration, % notes taken, case resolution and opportunities won. Use gamification to make phone interactions more competitive to increase user engagement.

intelli-CTi for Dynamics 365 version 4.2

Support for OAuth and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

intelli-CTi now supports the OAuth security standard, which significantly improves user security and provides support for those who use multi-factor authentication.

Third-Party Phone Support

We can now deliver packaged source code and access to our engineers to give third-parties a strong starting point to add support for their phone system.

RingCentral Support

RingCentral is a largely popular hosted phone provider and we are proud to partner with them to bring RingCentral customers the ability to use intelli-CTi with their phone service.


Read our full press release on v4.2’s new features, or watch our video!

See the intelli-CTi Help Center User Guidelines for important considerations of use.