Microsoft Dynamics CRM / 365 – Security/TLS Changes

Summary: Information article about recent security (TLS) changes to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM / 365 online platform and how they will affect existing versions of QWARE products.
Article Type: Troubleshooting
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What’s happening?

In order to increase security, Microsoft recently announced that they will be blocking older TLS v1.0/1.1 connections from being made to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) platform, as they are no longer secure.

How does that affect me?

Existing 3rd-party applications, including current releases of QWARE software, require a particular update in order to ensure compatibility with these recent changes by Microsoft.

Therefore, it is possible that you may receive an error when attempting to connect to a newer online CRM/365 instance with existing versions of QWARE software.

What’s the solution?

In order to resolve these potential connection issues, we are in the process of updating our software to be compatible with these recent changes by Microsoft.

Once they are available – we highly recommend that users upgrade to our newer releases (especially if you use CRM Online), to avoid this potential future connection issues.

Please contact QWARE or your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business Partner/Reseller to obtain a newer release.

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