Microsoft Unified Service Desk (USD) and intelli-CTi – Sneak Peek

QGate is excited to preview the forthcoming functionality and support of Microsoft’s Unified Service Desk (USD) with intelli-CTi for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

As part of the Leo Spring 2014 release, Microsoft has focused on the area of customer service. Microsoft has made available a new module called the Unified Service Desk and aimed it at the larger call centre, customer service operations.

QGate will be supporting USD with intelli-CTi. Our standard intelli-CTi product can meet the needs of some customers who like the concept behind USD but are not necessarily the target users.

Information on this support can be found here in our intelli-CTi microsite.

Using intelli-CTi with USD means your organisation will be able to use a single technology for both the USD users and those CRM users that need a “standard” CTI capability.

To see this in action, watch our video on intelli-CTi and Unified Service Desk .

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