Unified Service Desk doesn’t react to calls?

When I dial a number from the Unified Service Desk call controls, Unified Service Desk does not respond with anything?

If TNS has not been ran on the Dynamics 365 Instance then this could be causing no call data from being matched, TNS is required by intelli-CTi™ for complete functionality. The setup and running of TNS on the instance can be found within the Installation and Configuration Guide, under “Migrate telephone numbers into intelli-TNS” or you can follow the intelli-CTi™ interactive guide for running TNS.

When there is no match to the number currently stored against an account, contact or lead. By default, intelli-CTi for Unified Service Desk does not perform an action when no match can be found, this can be adjusted to meet the demands and requirements of your business. To adjust the action that takes place when no match has been found, perform the following actions:

  1. Navigate to the Unified Service Desk Setting page of your dynamics 365 instance.
  2. Navigate to the Window Navigation Rules section of the Unified Service Desk Settings page.
  3. Select QGate Rest Route – TNS window navigation rule.
  4. Adjust the No Matches section to the decision Do Action from Next Rule
  5. Provide a new Unified Service Desk Action call to perform the required Unified Service Desk action based on your business logic.

See the intelli-CTi Help Center User Guidelines for important considerations of use.