intelli-CTi - the leading telephone integration solution
for Microsoft Dynamics 365


When you integrate your Dynamics 365 with your telephone system using intelli-CTi, you will realize the following benefits:

✔ Improved Customer Relationships providing the best first impression possible and reducing customer frustrations with efficient customer service

✔ Deliver a professional and personal service by knowing who is calling and what they may be calling about before you answer a call

✔ Have informed users with all the relevant customer information at their fingertips when the telephone rings

✔ Increased efficiency and productivity with streamlined operations and call processes for shorter calls

✔ Improved Call Handling with fewer frustrations for your callers by not putting them on hold, or having them repeat information they have already provided and improved call throughput for your business.

✔ Maximizing investments and reducing costs with no need for physical telephones and the ability to work from home.

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In today’s busy and virtual world, help desks, sales teams, customer service departments and other business telephone users are handling more calls, whilst delivering a valuable professional service to each call.

intelli-CTi offers a rich set of telephone call management features for a reasonable cost, supporting a range of telephone systems, helping your business increase productivity, reduce call and wait times, and grow your customer relationships and loyalty with every call.

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