Greater customer satisfaction comes from a personal experience - you can have instant access to your data and the callers' details, when the phone rings or you make a call. The intelli-CTi™ family, our CRM and CTI telephony solution, has been designed and created to make this as seamless as possible.

The Problem

Keeping one step ahead of your competition has never been more important. Your customers expect great service. When they call they expect you to know who they are, what they did, and why they might be calling. What’s more If your customer service isn’t up to scratch a few minutes spent venting their frustrations on social media to thousands of your current or future customers could spell disaster!

That's why more and more organisations are integrating their telephony and customer management systems, with a CTI integration solution, so that the second a call comes in, whoever answers, has the latest information at their fingertips to provide your customers with great customer service.

Keeping customers hanging on while you scratch around for information providing them with a Groundhog Day experience as repeating information for the third time gives them the impression you just don’t care. It also leaves your customer service team feeling frustrated as they hunt around for information which should be at their fingertips.

Being able to integrate telephones with your customer data has never been more important and what’s more this is now affordable for even small organisations.

Read our White Paper on CTI Solutions in our Demystifying Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) White Paper for more details:

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The CTI Solution

intelli-CTi drives user efficiency by integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 with your telephone system

intelli-CTi™ instantly improves the effectiveness of your customer interaction and the productivity of your users. intelli-CTi enables dialing directly from within an application with a single click and automatically identifies incoming calls showing caller information before you even answer the telephone.


I would recommend QGate and intelli-CTi to anyone looking for an easy, flexible CTi solution that can work with telephone systems you already have in place. The addition of this new hosted control into USD (and The USD Accelerator) helps us create highly capable agent desktops very rapidly.

Neil Parkhurst, NP Dynamics Ltd

Whether it’s a solution for sales, call centres, support desks or customer service, intelli-CTi together with your application will increase the productivity and efficiency of your business, whilst enhancing customer satisfaction and bottom line profitability.

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