Connect with your Customers with intelli-CTi™

intelli-CTi™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates your CRM and telephone systems, transforming your customer engagements by making them connected, personalized and efficient

In today's modern world, your customers expect great service. When they call they expect you to know who they are, what they did, and why they might be calling.

intelli-CTi™ for Dynamics 365 provides your users with caller information and history that can be used to make all phone calls personal and relevant.

intelli-CTi seamlessly integrates your telephone system and Dynamics 365 system to intelligently and automatically surface key information that may relate to the current call.

Empowering users to quickly identify the caller with their previous interactions at their fingertips, this is essential for your customers' satisfaction and loyalty.

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Increase your CRM users' efficiency:

Are you still manually dialing telephone numbers, looking up Contacts and capturing telephone call information by hand?

Or do you keep customers waiting while you look for their information in Dynamics 365?

Or make them repeat their issues giving them the impression that you do not care or are not very organised or efficient?

Customer Satisfaction is key to success.

intelli-CTi for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a CTI telephony integration solution that instantly improves the effectiveness of your customer interaction and the productivity of your CRM users. intelli-CTi enables dialing Contacts directly from within an application with a single click and automatically identifies incoming calls showing contact information before you even answer the telephone.

Our free trial will enable you to see how this easily integrates and provides insight to your users.

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Feature Highlights

for Dynamics 365

Inbound Call Handling

Empowering your Microsoft Dynamics 365 users to instantly take action of inbound telephone calls, to efficiently engage with customers in a professional and personalized experience. A core capability of intelli-CTi™ provides fast and reliable caller recognition of inbound calls to intelligently identify the calling party and automatically associate them with information from Dynamics 365.

Outbound Dialing

Improve the experience of Dynamics 365 users with increased calling accuracy, throughput and efficiencies gained by the capabilities of intelli-CTi™ outbound dialing. intelli-CTi™ streamlines the making of outbound calls by reduced misdialing and removing the need to manually dial telephone numbers.

for Dynamics 365

for Dynamics 365

Call Flow Management (Lifecycle)

Actively encourage best practices within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 users with effective management and control throughout all aspects of telephone call interaction. intelli-CTi™ empowers your users with access to caller contextual data, allowing them to easily access and efficiently manage information from Dynamics 365 throughout the lifecycle of the call.

Post-Call Processing

Ensure that after every telephone call your users are capturing with ease all the relevant customer information right within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Distilling notes and history and managing every follow-up action to build stronger future customer engagements. intelli-CTi™ post-call processing automatically brings together all of the relevant touch-points from the call into a single management pane, enabling the productivity of Dynamics 365 users to quickly and easily capture, manage and close off the call.

for Dynamics 365

for Dynamics 365

Call Reporting, BI and Analysis

Realize full visibility of the telephony engagement you make with your customers over the telephone, with Business Intelligence (BI) reporting and analysis gained from the richness of telephony information held within of your Microsoft Dynamics 365. With intelli-CTi™ every telephone call interaction (both inbound and outbound) is automatically recorded (statistically) within Dynamics 365, along with details of the call metrics, each is stored with context to the related Dynamics 365 entities, history and activities.

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Everyone was really helpful and patient in helping our customer resolve their issue

Kevin Haney, Cindercone

The people we have been engaged with at QWARE have always been exceptionally helpful in every way . Candid about any limitations our implementation or associated products may have. Brilliant at knowing exactly what your solution does and how it does it and what that implies about how our expectations should align for success. Great people.

Ray Bennett, D&H Direct

The decision to work with intelli-CTi was because of the level of service we could get from them, their response, the emails when we were trialing and willingness to help was just a different level to other vendors. I would recommend intelli-CTi to anyone looking for nice, easy, flexible CTI solution that can work with Telephone system you have in place. They are real experts, and they will help you to understand what you have. We found intelli-CTi has allowed us to do specific things for Metro Bank to speed up the popup of calls and to improve the success of finding customers by searching on different things. It is really flexible and saves agents a lot of time. On average it can reduce the call popup or the average hunting time by 15%.

Metro Bank

Working from a call list and having to manually dial each number is a pain and so is scrambling to find a contact match in CRM when a call comes in. Fortunately, we can recommend intelli-CTi. It takes the hassle out of making and receiving calls, and the built-in integration with CRM makes it an easy solution to implement.

Brianna Ojard, CRM Consultant - Customer FX

I enjoy using intelli-CTi. It helps with managing my outbound calls and helps greatly with efficiency and productivity. I would recommend it.

Richard, Satisfied Customer

We always get great support from your team and always appreciate the help and the "can do" attitude of everyone we've worked with. Your company provides some of the best support we have ever experienced.

Scott Grimes, ITW Food Equipment Group

QWARE service is always top notch!

Kiym Ward, Port of Virginia


Users are empowered to proactively use data from Dynamics 365 during their call.

When instantly equipped with call context, users can spend less time fishing for data and more time providing reliable, consistent experiences and improving Customer Satisfaction.

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