Metro Bank Reduces Call Hunting Time by 15% with CTI

Metro Bank Reduces Call Hunting Time by 15% with CTI

Metro Bank has been in the news for the last 5 years as the first new High Street bank in over 100 years.  With a dream of 150 stores by 2020 and a community-focused approach, Metro Bank is always employing new technology to help them better serve their customers.

Being a socially responsible and ethical organisation is really important to Metro Bank; it underpins their culture and means they are honest, consistent and transparent with their customers in order to provide the very best service.

Like many businesses, Metro Bank’s commitment to customer service was being undermined at an operational level by their telephony system.  Some of their problems included:

  • Lack of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) on the telephone system that meant calls went straight through to Contact Centre Agents, reducing call efficiency and throughput
  • Inability to quickly and efficiently find and retrieve CRM records while on calls to better serve their customers
  • Lack of interaction between telephony infrastructure and their CRM system, which impacted customer service levels

To overcome these difficulties, Metro Bank tried to find a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) vendor that was experienced and knowledgeable about the interaction between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and their current telephone infrastructure.

That search brought them to our CTI solution intelli-CTi™.

By implementing intelli-CTi to integrate their telephone system with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Metro Bank was able to speed up the pre-call, call and post-call process for increased productivity.  This integration has enabled agents to access quickly and efficiently.

According to Marco Amoedo, Senior Solutions Architecht at Metro Bank, “intelli-CTi has allowed us to do specific things for Metro Bank to speed up the popup of calls and to improve the success rate of finding customers by searching on different things.  It is really flexible and saves agents a lot of time.”

The instant information intelli-CTi™ provides means agents are able to provide a  more personalized service, while the flexibility and ease of use has led to increased user adoption of Metro Bank’s CRM system among the agents.

The project and the product were so successful that Metro Bank are already thinking about expanding their use of intelli-CTi with the Microsoft Unified Service Desk (USD) module.

All in all, Amoedo says, “I would recommend QGate and intelli-CTi™ to anyone looking for an easy, flexible CTI solution that can work with the telephone system you have in place.”

For more information on intelli-CTi, please visit our  product microsite or take a 30 day free trial.

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