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intelli-CTi™ for Microsoft Unified Service Desk (USD) integrates your telephone system(s) and Microsoft's Unified Service Desk for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. This Call Center CTI solution enables you to optimize your investments in your existing infrastructure, providing a seamless telephony integration for Unified Service Desk, delivered in a cost-effective and user-friendly manner.

intelli-CTI for USD is a fully integrated Call Center CTI solution for call agent activities, providing a native user experience with the intelli-CTi call management controls embedded in the USD Control bar.

intelli-CTi for Microsoft Unified Service Desk (USD) enhances profitability through increased productivity, reduced call handling time and customer satisfaction.

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Increase your user efficiency:

Are you still manually dialing telephone numbers, looking up Contacts and capturing telephone call information by hand?

intelli-CTi™ for Unified Service Desk (USD) is a telephony integration solution that instantly improves the effectiveness of your customer interaction and the productivity of your USD users. intelli-CTi enables dialing Contacts, Accounts and leads directly from within the application with a single click. It automatically identifies incoming calls showing contact information before you even answer the telephone. Enabling an agent to identify a caller, pick up, disconnect, place calls on hold and dial out without having to leave their USD environment. This solution includes the unique Telephone Number System (TNS) providing powerful telephony number recognition capabilities.

Our demo will enable you to see how this easily integrates and provides insight to your users.

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intelli-CTi for Unified Service Desk provides insight about your caller or call within the users' USD desktop, allowing users to fully interact with their business applications whilst maintaining complete control of the telephone call. Providing the following benefits and more:

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I would recommend QGate and intelli-CTi to anyone looking for an easy, flexible CTi solution that can work with telephone systems you already have in place. The addition of this new hosted control into USD (and The USD Accelerator) helps us create highly capable agent desktops very rapidly.

Neil Parkhurst
Microsoft MVP
NP Dynamics Limited

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Wide Range of Telephone Systems Supported

  • Compatible with major telephone systems and hosted telephony platform
  • Supports standard telephony interfaces (TAPI, TSAPI, CSTA, MiTAI, OAI)
  • Telephone Compatibility list provides full information
  • intelli-CTi driver available for third party telephony integration

Flexible Implementation

  • Simple integration and configuration process
  • Fully integrated into the Unified Service Desk environment and controls
  • Compatible with the USD Accelerator from NP Dynamics Ltd
  • Supports Citrix/Terminal Server
  • Supports large scale implementations across multiple sites (Telephone system independent)

Increased Business/User Productivity

  • Incoming caller recognition (screen-pop) displaying information from CRM system
  • Powerful automatic telephony number matching for Contacts, Accounts and Leads
  • Call control
  • Outbound dialing support
  • Multiple telephone call support
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