Convergence EMEA – All about your business

A great Convergence EMEA event

Everyone expects an IT event to be about technology. We all expect the owners / sponsors of that event to showcase their products, perform demos and overall, show us how their technology is better than the competition’s. Well, this year, Convergence EMEA was a bit different.

There were of course very interesting technology aspects to it – it is after all Microsoft we’re talking about – but, instead of putting features and releases at the heart of the event, Microsoft has put Business and Business Users.

By coining the sentence “CRM/ERP is a Business decision, not an IT decision”, Microsoft has embraced the paradigm that many, including ourselves, have been defending for many years: IT supports the business, empowers its decisions and, in most cases, allows for innovation. However, Business is the driver, pushing for speed of the delivery, collaboration, mobility, user adoption and very importantly, the empowerment of the Business User; not the other way around. For example in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, these business needs were translated into a new release – Dynamics CRM 2016 –  that has many additional features, deeper integrations and an improved UX, just to name some of the changes (soon, we’ll provide a lot more information on this release).

The digital disruption in the way we work is not about to happen; it has happened already, driven by the clients, customers, and consumers of every business. Driven by their behaviour and their needs. IT created the tools but it was the business – in all its dimensions – that asked for them in the first place.

As you can see, we really enjoyed Convergence EMEA and we can’t wait for the Microsoft event.

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