intelli-CTi™ support for Interactive Intelligence (I3)


intelli-CTi™ now offers support for the Interactive Intelligence (I3) system.  Specifically, we’ve added support for telephone calls within their Customer Interaction Center (CIC) platform.

More Information

Working together with Interactive Intelligence (I3), we’ve been able to add preliminary support for telephone interactions within their Customer Interaction Center (CIC) platform.

The current implementation offers support for basic call control:

  • Answer
  • Hold
  • Reconnect, and
  • Hangup

…as well as basic call events:

  • Call Started
  • Call Established
  • Call Held
  • Call Reconnected, and
  • Call Ended

Client logins can be done using specific user details or automatically via Active Directory.

We also support the ability to Dial numbers to make Outbound telephone calls within the Interactive Intelligence platform, using all the previously mentioned functionality.


An additional client license is currently required for each intelli-CTi™ user connected to the Interactive Intelligence platform.

If you would like more information, please contact QWARE.

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