Not seeing intelli-CTi™ in USD after install?


If you already have an existing Unified Service Desk instance setup and configured to the way you like, you most likely are using User Settings configurations and restricting the configurations per user. This means that you are going to have to add additional configurations that are required by intelli-CTi™ for Unified Service Desk to function correctly.

The additional configurations are:

Hosted Controls

  • QGate Desktop Manager
  • QGate intelli-CTi Connector
  • QGate intelli-CTi Core Panel
  • QGate Search

Action Calls

  • QGate Click To Dial (Make Call)
  • QGate intelli-CTi – Open Entity
  • QGate Search – Navigate (MultiEntity)
  • QGate Search – TNS
  • QGate Search TNS – Close
  • QGate Set CTI Color


  • QGateColorCode

Customization File

  • QGate intelli-CTi Supporting DLLs

Window Navigation Rules

  • QGate Click-To-Dial (Skype)
  • QGate Click-To-Dial (tel)
  • QGate Click-To-Dial (lync15)
  • QGate Rest Route – TNS
  • QGate Rest Route

See the intelli-CTi Help Center User Guidelines for important considerations of use.