What happens when there is no incoming call information?

This article covers how intelli-CTi reacts to different inbound call scenarios where there is no incoming call information, inbound call data is unknown, not available etc.  This is what happens when:

The inbound number is a Business Switchboard number

  • intelli-CTi will look up the number and any records (Accounts, Contacts, or Leads) having that number will be listed.  The user can then answer the call and once the person is confirmed the user can select the appropriate record to navigate to.

The inbound number is the same for multiple customers?

  • If the number brings up multiple CRM Account records there is possible a data entry issue that needs to be resolved. It might be the case, if working is a B2C environment, that multiple people share a common (house) number.  So again the user would answer the call, confirm which of the CRM Contact or Lead records is appropriate to the call then select that record from within the intelli-CTi interface and be navigated to the CRM record.

The inbound number is blocked/withheld?

  • intelli-CTi will “announce” the call as usual, but will return no CRM records.  The user would answer the call, they can then use the intelli-CTi look up record or add record functions to associate the call to the appropriate CRM record.

The inbound number is unknown and no record is listed?

  • As with the previous scenario, the user would use the intelli-CTi look up and/or add record function.
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