Limitations of support & what it means for you

Why have Limited Support?

The world of telephony is always changing, and there are times when it is no longer possible to offer “full” support for every telephone system. That’s why we have introduced a new support level, called “Limited Support” – to accommodate such situations.

For older telephone systems, Limited Support might apply when systems are reaching the end of life (EOL) and/or manufacturer support. Therefore, the ability to support such systems becomes a challenge.

Limited Support can also apply to newer telephone system integrations, which have yet to mature. These could be telephone systems that are potentially new the market, or systems that are new to us.

What is Limited Support?

  • Limited Support only applies to the telephone system integration element of intelli-CTi for the specific telephone system in question.
  • The core intelli-CTi application and CRM integration will be fully supported, as long as the version of intelli-CTi is current.
  • Limited Support for these telephone systems will be done on a best-effort basis and therefore, QWARE are unable to guarantee fixes for issues relating to affected telephone systems.
  • Should you later switch to a fully-supported telephone system – you can retain and continue to use your current investment with intelli-CTi.

What do I have to do?

If you are an existing customer and your telephone system now falls under Limited Support – then you will need to contact your intelli-CTi vendor, ahead of your next renewal, to confirm the support status of your telephone system.

Likewise, if you recently made any changes to your telephone system (e.g. firmware/other upgrade) – or you are currently planning to – then please check our Telephone System Compatibility Guide to confirm support.

See the intelli-CTi Help Center User Guidelines for important considerations of use.