intelli-CTi’s Telephone System Compatibility Guide

How to use intelli-CTi’s Telephone System Compatibility list

The intelli-CTi’s Telephone System Compatibility details can be found on the link below.

Click on the phone system NAME in the table for addition information on pre-reqs and enabling the system for CTI.

intelli-CTi Telephone System Compatibility List

The Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Telephone System Compatibility List shows those telephone systems that have been tested with our CTI products and have been proven to function as designed, either in a test lab scenario or a real-world customer environment.

In this context, “function as designed” means that our CTI products work as expected, not that we support every feature a telephone system may offer. Some features in our product might not be supported due to limitations in the manufacturer’s CTI API implementation.

The included systems were proven to function correctly at the time of testing, however they are subject to change depending upon telephone system software and hardware revisions. The level of support provided by each system varies – if your telephone system is listed as Limited Support, click here to find out what that means for you. Before adoption, intelli-CTi strongly recommend that a suitable telephony integration trial installation is performed against your particular telephone system to ensure compatibility with your specific environment.

Testing using the 30 day trial licences

It is important that you trial the product using the 30 day licence provided with the product download to ensure the level of functionality is acceptable prior to placing an order. Should a limitation be identified we can work with you to try to resolve or confirm this as limitation of the phone system. Please note the comments in the Telephone System Compatibility List as this can be helpful to pre-warn of any known limitation.

Please ensure you are testing with the latest release of our intelli-CTi™ product.

What if my Telephony System is not on the Known Phone System Compatibility List?

As a standard our CTI products support not only the standard TAPI/CSTA/TSAPI protocols, but also proprietary APIs from Mitel etc.

However, if the system you have is not on the Telephone Compatibility list please contact QWARE who will be able to investigate the potential of supporting your system. Depending on the situation the adding of support may require a paid services engagement with QWARE Limited.

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