Top tips to make the most of your intelli-CTi free trial

If you are looking at Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solutions but you’ve never used a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solution at work, lengthy descriptions of functionality can make the technology seem more confusing than it is. Sometimes the best way to find out about a product and whether it is right for your team is to test it in the context of your business.

By taking an 30 day intelli-CTi™ free trial, you can ensure that the application works with your current infrastructure, get feedback from your users regarding functionality and ease of use and have solid proof that the product not only does what we say it will, but also meets your company’s needs.

intelli-CTi free trial

Here are a few tips to make the most of your intelli-CTi™ free trial:

Simulate inbound and outbound calls

The intelli-CTi™ free trial comes with our Virtual Telephony server which will enable you to replicate inbound and outbound calls to and from CRM, without needing to connect to your phone system. This will allow you to test the client side functionality for a proof of concept perpetually without any limits on time/use.  The video below explains how to use our Virtual Telephony server.

Run through process

It is important to run through a real life business process during the trial period of intelli-CTi. If your requirement for a telephony integration is centred around a customer support department receiving inbound calls, we recommend you go through this process to gain a further understanding of the process flow.  This will also allow you to understand how the advanced features of intelli-CTi™ betters the customer experience.

Gain user acceptance

The users are the most important people in your telephony integration project!  It is imperative to gain the support of the people using this on a daily basis.  Ultimately, our telephony integration exists to make the user’s job easier so during the trial period they should have a very central role in testing.

Contact us for ANY questions you have

We are always happy to receive any questions from you regarding, features/functions, customisation, pricing and best practices on intelli-CTi™. Please contact us for more information.

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