Intelli-CTi Licensing Update & What It Means For You

What has changed?

In keeping with the rest of the world of software, intelli-CTi moved to Subscription-based licencing some time ago, and this is now the only intelli-CTi licencing option available for new customers. All customers installing or upgrading to Version 4.2 or above will have the licencing managed via the QWARE subscription licence portal.

Any legacy Perpetual Licenced customers will retain the Perpetual End User Licence Agreement and continue with the traditional annual support and maintenance arrangements.

With the release of v4.3, we have taken the decision to update a component from our integration partner to their latest level, which affords us the ability to continue to provide those customers with primarily legacy on-premise phone systems with the most up to date levels of support.

However, this updated component is now only available via a subscription licence from our integration partner.

What does this mean for our customers?

Subscription Licenced Customers

This change will have no impact on any subscription-licenced customers utilising
intelli-CTi v4.3 or above. Where the component is required, QWARE will cover the 3rd party component subscription licencing as part of the subscription paid to QWARE for intelli-CTi.

Legacy Perpetual Licenced Customers

We will continue to provide support to our existing Perpetual Licenced as part of your ongoing Support & Maintenance (S&M) agreement.  QWARE will also at no further cost, cover the subscription licence costs for the 3rd party component used in those situations where is it required to support the connection to those legacy, primarily on-premise phone systems.

Continued payment for Support and Maintenance will ensure continued licencing of the 3rd party component.

However, should payment for Support and Maintenance cease, where the 3rd party connection component is required, licencing for the component will cease via QWARE.  If the customer wishes to retain the use of intelli-CTi without the Support and Maintenance from QWARE they will either have to: downgrade intelli-CTi to version prior to v4.3, or potentially seek alternative licencing options. Full details are available on request.

What do I have to do?

As a Subscription Licenced Customer, there is no action required.

As a Legacy Perpetual Licenced Customer upgrading to v4.3 and above, your licensing terms will be changed to the Subscription Agreement Terms.  Charges for Support and Maintenance will still apply, no action is required.

As stated above – if as a Perpetual Licenced customer, you cease paying for Support and Maintenance, and you wish to continue to use intelli-CTi including the 3rd party connection component, you will need to either downgrade or attempt to licence this component separately.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us to discuss further.

See the intelli-CTi Help Center User Guidelines for important considerations of use.