intelli-CTi™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM – Multiple Browser Support


With Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM supporting multiple web browsers comes the question: does intelli-CTi and its integration with Dynamics CRM also support this configuration matrix?  The purpose of this article is to provide an explanation to that question.

Why Multiple Browser Support?

It is our understanding that Microsoft’s move toward open browser support was largely in support of the principle of “bring your own device”, whereby CRM users were no-longer limited to accessing CRM through their desktop Windows browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).  More common place might be the need for CRM users to have the flexibility of accessing CRM whilst out of the office and on more mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.  Thus driving a growing need for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to inherently support multiple browsers other than Internet Explorer.

How We Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When we consider the integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with an application such as intelli-CTi™ , it is important to understand the capabilities of such integration and thus the complexities that entails. The integration of intelli-CTi™ for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is achieved through some complex analysis and automation of the web browser hosting the CRM application.  This providing the ability to:

  • Analyze and ascertain the context of ‘what’ you are doing in CRM (e.g. track operations)
  • Automate a change in your CRM application (e.g. navigate your browser to an explicit element of CRM).

All of this capability is driven through integration with the web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).

So What Web Browsers are Currently Supported?

We currently support integration with the following web browsers for intelli-CTi™ for Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge Chromium
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer browser has now been deprecated

For a more detailed outline of the compatibility of intelli-CTi™ with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, please see this article.

Support for additional web browsers will become available with future developments of the product.

For Use Within Business Operations

Whilst we appreciate that CRM users may now have a choice of browsers to use within their organization, when considering the operations of an intelli-CTi user within a corporate office environment; handling telephone calls upon a corporate telephone system; we believe the current requirement to use one of the supported browsers with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and intelli-CTi should not pose a major restriction.

This restriction of browser choice should not affect mobile users wishing to utilize CRM via their smartphones or tablets, as the user experience of telephony integration is only designed for corporate office telephone activity upon desktop computers which does not feature upon a mobile device.

Furthermore this restriction in browser choice naturally does not limit the corporate desktop user from utilizing an alternate browser for other business or personal web tasks.

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