Feature: intelli-CTi Call History Tracking in Infor CRM (Web Client)

intelli-CTi automatically records each telephone call within Infor  CRM into an extended CRM entity of structured statistical call data, called “Call History”.

This statistical recording of each telephone call contains detailed information about all telephone calls both inbound and outbound, together with their complex relationship to related CRM entities.

The depth of telephone call information captured by intelli-CTi, enables detailed analysis of your telephony activity with Infor CRM.

As intelli-CTi Call History is automatically captured into your CRM solution, it also provides a complete audit trail of telephone activity with your CRM customers.

Each intelli-CTi call history item contains detailed information about each telephone call, including:

  • Call Relationships (CRM entities relating to the call)
  • Call Notes (call subject and notes captured on the call)
  • Call Timings (detailed dates, timings and duration of the call)
  • Call Information (call source, call direction, call result etc.)

Call History Tracking in Infor CRM

Screenshot: CTI for Infor CRM (Web Client) Call History Details



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See the intelli-CTi Help Center User Guidelines for important considerations of use.