intelli-CTi Multiple “Missed Call” Notifications for Group Calls

Summary: Information article about intelli-CTi™ (various integrations) and how notifications and history are recorded for group calls (e.g. within a “hunt” group) – Multiple “Missed Call” Notifications for Group Calls
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Why is it that inbound telephone calls to a “group” number (where multiple agents are taking the calls), result in a collection of “missed calls” within the call history information?  The purpose of this article is to provide an explanation to that question.

Why So Many “Missed” Calls?

The intelli-CTi™ application is configured, per user, to monitor a given extension.  When a telephone call comes into a “group” telephone number, where multiple intelli-CTi™ users are part of the same call group (e.g. a hunt group), this typically results in each group member’s telephone extension starting to ring.  As soon as one of the members of that group answers the telephone call, the other extensions stop ringing.

From an intelli-CTi™ client perspective, each installation is independent.  In the example above, when the group call starts ringing on each group member’s extension, each user’s intelli-CTi client will react accordingly. When one user answers the call, their intelli-CTi client will update to reflect the call as “Established”.  However, for the remaining users (as far as their intelli-CTi clients are concerned), they had a “Ringing” call on their extension that has now ended without being answered (e.g. “Missed”).

Thus this is why for every telephone call delivered to a group (hunt group) where one party member answers the call, all other parties (intelli-CTi clients) will report a “missed” call.

Potential Solution: Filtering of Data

Subject to your configuration, a record of all telephone call activity will be reported into the target system of integration.  However, while it is not currently possible for all these (potentially unnecessary) missed call records not to be created, it may be possible to filter them from your call reporting based upon certain criteria.

For example, for every group telephone call (with five active users as part of the hunt group), five call records will be created: four “missed” call records and one “complete” call.  All these records should share the same call [Start Time] and [CLI].  If the target system containing the call history log allows for data aggregation, these records could be grouped on such criteria and thus filtered to determine whether the call was actually “answered” or “missed”.

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