Feature: intelli-CTi Outbound Dialing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM

Outbound Dialing a CRM Contact

intelli-CTi provides the ability to easily click-to-dial people and organisations within your Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM (for example, CRM Accounts, Contacts and/or Leads), with just a single click.

Knowing exactly the entity within CRM you are currently working with, intelli-CTi automatically displays this within the Dynamics CRM Dialer upon the Breeze Desktop side-bar. As you move around different entities within CRM, the Dynamics CRM Dialer automatically maintains context to the current entity.

Selecting the CRM entity from the Dynamics CRM Dialer along with the target telephone number you wish to dial, is all that is required to make the telephone call.

The intelli-CTi Dynamics CRM Dialer provides the ability to dial CRM entities from both list-views and detail forms, and associated CRM content views such as CRM Cases and Opportunities.

This light-touch integration approach enables the preview dialing of CRM entities from potentially anywhere within Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM where an association to a person or organisation can be established.

    • Select the CRM entity you wish to dial from the list within Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM, this presents them in the Dialer
    • Easily click-to-dial the selected CRM entity and their available telephone numbers
  • This light touch approach ensures ease of dialing from anywhere within Dynamics 365 / Dynamics CRM.

  • When operating from a CRM entity detail form, intelli-CTi will present that entity within the Dialer.
  • Clicking on the dial/phone icon in entity records or on entity listings will also perform a outbound dial within intelli-CTi.

    • Operating from related CRM entities, such as Cases, intelli-CTi will ascertain the related Contact to dial
    • Dialing a Contact from a related entity, such as a Case, will automatically associate the Case to the call.
  • All calls related to CRM Cases or Opportunities are automatically logged against them.
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See the intelli-CTi Help Center User Guidelines for important considerations of use.