QGate Environment Checker – Usage Guide

Summary: This article provides an overview of the QGate Environment Checker and instructions on how to use this tool to confirm that your workstation is set up with the security permissions necessary to run certain QGate applications.
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The QGate Environment Checker is designed to check the environment settings on a workstation to ascertain whether QGate applications will run correctly with the current setup.

The Problem

In order to run, some QGate applications may require access to certain files and folders contained on the host workstation.  An administrator account will have full access to these, but a user account may not have the same level of access and may, therefore, be unable to run the application, even though it was installed and run by an administrator without any issues.

Our Solution

The QGate Environment Checker allows you to quickly check the security permissions on a file or folder.  By downloading and running a prepared test script you can test the security permissions that are present on a file or folder against the permissions that are required for the application to run, and receive an output highlighting any discrepancies.

Process Outline

The process of using the QGate Environment Checker to check that the security settings are configured correctly for a given user on their workstation is outlined below:

1. Download the QGate Environment Checker and an application-specific test script containing the security permission tests to run.

2. Load the QGate Environment Checker and run the test script.  Ensure that you run the tool as the user intending to run the application rather than as an administrator.

3. Check the output from the tool.  This has a traffic light system showing which tests have passed, which have failed and which have passed with warnings.  Full details of the tests performed and the results obtained can be quickly viewed in a popup window or copied to clipboard as required.

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See the intelli-CTi Help Center User Guidelines for important considerations of use.